Olivier mouse-ducks at
Fri Aug 31 13:37:59 CEST 2001

Hi Theresa!
>> Ok, I'm going on-topic again. just wanted to tell you some good news! I'm
>> going to subscribe to Kalle Anka myself now! As a student, I haven't
>> afforded it, but I earned some money this summer, and Hooray!!! :) Of
>> course I haven't been entirely duckless all the time, my family have
>> subscribed for a long time, so I only have to go home to get to read the
>> magasines. But still - It's coming to *my* mailbox now!!! :)
>> (feeling a bit silly, but happy... QUACK!!!!)

Why "silly"? I'm glad for you.
Just when I could afford subscribing to Gladstone's comics (the wonderful
prestige WDC&S & U$ in particular)-- they had to stop!   : (


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