Nobucks McDuck

Armando Botto armando.botto at
Sat Dec 1 12:17:25 CET 2001

William Price wrote:
> does anyone have any information about nobucks mcduck, scrooge's poor
relation? what stories he appeared in?
And Dim answered:
> Nobucks McDuck could be the one called in Greece "Apentar McDuck"(from the
greek word "apentaros" which means "penniless".He is called "Stracetton
McDuck" in "Calisota Online".This tramp cousin and look-alike of Scrooge
McDuck first appeared in the story "Too Many McDucks"(S 70121) and he only
reappeared once in a story in which he wins a TV quiz show due to his
knowledge of geography(I do not have the second story's title or code).

The TV quiz show story is "Easy Come - Easy Go" (S 75080). But the same
character had already re-appeared in "A Case Of Mistaken Identity" (S 72293,
described in Inducks as "Scrooge is mistaken with his look-alike beggar
cousin in another city").

As for the original name of the character, who knows... the Italian name is
different in the three stories: "Straccetton de' Paperoni", "Mac Mucher",
"Paperoff". *If* the character was called the same in the original English
scripts (which I wouldn't take for granted), I'd go for something like
"McMoocher" (lazy translator: "Mucher" has no meaning in Italian...).

The Inducks reports two other stories featuring a beggar cousin:

- "Alias Scrooge Mcduck" (S 71333); the Brazilian index lists among the
appearing characters "US' beggar cousin (Nadinhas or Galterio in Brazil)".
There's no known Italian reprint of the story, so I can't tell you more.

- "The Real Scrooge" (S 82120), in which "US's beggar cousin locks him in
money bin and takes his place". I've never read this one ("Zio Paperone e il
cugino usurpatore", in "Topolino" #1533), so I don't know if the character
is actually the same.

Anyway, these S-coded stories did never appear in the U.S., so it's possible
that the "Nobucks McDuck" William is looking for be another character...


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