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Mon Dec 3 14:19:59 CET 2001

Marco asked me about the "MM Through Time" series. Here's my reply -

>How many pages?

First page of the series on #15
Last page on #1362
But there are 3 pages on #1256 (because there were no Time Travel pages on
1255bis and 1255ter).
"Mickey Gardien de Camargue" (JM 219-231), 13 p. is not part of the series

1362 - 15 + 1 -13 +2 = 1337 pages

That seems correct, because I.N.D.U.C.K.S. say the same.

You may want to add F JM 99999, 8 pages, "Mickey à travers les siècles"
Gilles Corre/José Gonzalez from issue 2481 (1999).

And there is another series where Mickey travels in the time when he sneezes
(instead of a coup in the head), by Patrick Galliano and Gen-Clo. 8 stories
published in 1991. F JM 91501 to 508.

>started in 1952, ended in 1978


>scripts by Pierre Fallot in the beginning, then by Jean-Michel Le Corfec,


Note: Juliette Benzoni and Claude Yelnick wrote scripts that were never
published. At Fallot's
death, Michel Mandry and Raymond Calame - the editors of the Journal - were
looking for someone to provide scripts. They asked Benzoni and Yelnick
(writters at Lecture pour tous, children stories) to make a try. Mandry
himself also made a try. Then they asked the breton le Corfec, and hired

These scripts are coded in Inducks "FU JM S X" to "FU JM S Z" - they were

>dawings by Louis Santels (in the beginning) and Pierre Nicolas

Louis *Santel* (everybody calls him "Ténas"). He only drew he first 9

>Do you have any correction or/and addition to the above information?

The best scripts IMO are the last ones by le Corfec. He used to put a word
joke in every sentence (or almost).


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