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> taken from an Usenet post by Mark Evanier:
> Chase Craig, who edited as many great comics as anyone who ever lived,
> passed away last night at the age of 91.  He was recuperating from an
> operation to correct injuries he had suffered in a fall three weeks
> earlier.
> Chase was born in Texas and moved to Los Angeles in the thirties to
> get into the animation business.  His fellow Texan, Tex Avery, gave
> him a job in the story unit at Warner Brothers, where he worked for
> some time without -- for some reason -- ever getting a screen credit.
> After a few years, he decided to turn his attention to print
> cartooning and left...only to be quickly tapped by Western Printing
> and Lithography to write and draw stories for its first Bugs Bunny
> comics.  Chase produced over half of the first issue of LOONEY TUNES
> AND MERRIE MELODIES comics, issued under the Dell label, including the
> authorship of the MARY JANE & SNIFFLES strip.  (Sniffles the Mouse had
> been a character in the cartoons but Chase came up with the format for
> this long-running strip, naming the character of Mary Jane after his
> then-recent bride.)
> Western soon hired him as an editor and, through the mid-seventies, he
> worked out of their Los Angeles office, editing (at one point) a comic
> per day, at a time when it was not uncommon for one of their comics to
> sell over a million copies.  He was the editor who kept Carl Barks
> producing DONALD DUCK and UNCLE SCROOGE stories, and Paul Murry doing
> MICKEY MOUSE and so many others.  He was one of the creators of
> MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER and worked over the years with an array of
> talent that included not only the above but also Michael Maltese, Alex
> Toth, Russ Manning, Dan Spiegle, Warren Tufts, Pete Alvarado, Mike
> Royer, Gaylord DuBois, Don Glut, Tony Strobl, Phil DeLara and so many
> more...
> ...including me.  I've always said I had two mentors in the comic book
> business -- Chase Craig and Jack Kirby.  Chase bought the first
> scripts I ever had published in this country and he taught me an awful
> lot about how to pace and structure a story.  I wish I could remember
> a tenth of it...
> A fuller obit/bio will be up on my website in a few days, and
> appearing in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE.
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