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Mike Pohjola mikep at iki.fi
Tue Dec 4 14:43:59 CET 2001

> Finns: please report. On the actual book being launched, meetings,
> interviews, bookstores, &cetera.

I guess you've read Don's SMS messages at http://www.akuankka.fi/ (Click
on "Rosan tekstariterveiset")

I met Don yesterday, when he was visiting my native Turku. The man was
incredibly busy first doing a press conference at the popular local bar
Cosmic Comic Cafe at 10am. After that, two hours of signings at CCC, then
two hours at one bookstore and then two hours at another bookstore.

I managed to catch Don for a few seconds at the first signing, but he
seemed so busy I didn't want to interrupt his signings, so I just went by
and said hello.

Don'd agreed to meet me and fellow DCML member Timo Ronkainen at the bar
after all the signings, but I missed that because I was in a theatre
rehearsal. I called CCC and heard Don, Timo, editors of Aku Ankka and some
key people of Cosmic Comic Cafe had went to a local restaurant called
Ribs, which is where I went to meet them.

And that's where all nine of them were, sitting in a ten person table.
Also with them was the famous Finnish comic artist Juba. I'd originally
intended to just step by and say hi, but I soon found myself sitting at
the empty seat chitchatting with friends. (Although this occasionally
included long silences, it didn't mean we didn't have a good time. Poor
Don had a hard time of getting used to this Finnish way of communication,
but I guess he's getting the hang of it by now... ;)

The meal seemed fabulous enough, Ribs being a famous steak house in Turku.
I say seemed, because I'm a vegetarian and had to eat wokkiba-ba, a
collection of vegetables and mushrooms. It was okay, but the steaks and
ribs looked incredibly delicious!

We were talking about Don's work, Juba's work, Aku Ankka, The Lord of the
Rings (that being the day the movie tickets came for sale), Disney
policies, the Finnish Independence Day ball at the President's castle (to
which Juba had been invited), and lots of little things like that.

The evening ended with both Don and Juba signing and drawing for most
people around the table, including each other. After that we took a few
pictures outside of the restaurant, and headed home. Well, I headed home,
Don and the Aku Ankka editors to their hotel and the others back to Cosmic
Comic Cafe.

Mike Pohjola
mikep at iki.fi            +358-50-5238399            http://www.iki.fi/mikep

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