Don Rosa video interview

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen thomas at
Sun Dec 9 00:52:26 CET 2001


About a year ago, F.A. Elliott (I don't know if you're still here or 
not) announced his video interview with Don Rosa to this mailing list. I 
volunteered to record the interview from a VHS video tape to my computer 
in order to upload it to the internet and share it with other Rosa fans. 
Mr. Elliott approved this, but I ended up not doing it after all since 
the file would be extremely large.

Now I *have* digitally recorded the interview, though I decided not to 
in the first place, and I am looking for a place to store it on the web. 
It seems, however, nearly impossible to find a place that will accept 
such a large file and do it for free. Especially since I don't plan to 
make a webpage but simply link to the file from my existing webpage.

I have made the interview in two versions:
"Small": 100.6 mb - 208 x 160 pixels
Large: 679.2 mb - 480 x 360 pixels
(duration: both 105 mins)

My own account at a webhotel doesn't support this much space (and 
increasing the amount costs a fortune) -- So, now my question is; does 
anyone here have the possibility to store the interview (at least the 
small version -- the large one fits best on a cdrom, I guess) at a 
public web server for indefinite time for fans to download?

Hope to hear from some of you. Best wishes,
Thomas Pryds Lauritsen
thomas at --

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