Don Rosa video interview

Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at
Sun Dec 9 00:59:19 CET 2001


On Sunday  9. December 2001 00:52, Thomas Pryds Lauritsen wrote:
> I have made the interview in two versions:
> "Small": 100.6 mb - 208 x 160 pixels
> Large: 679.2 mb - 480 x 360 pixels
> (duration: both 105 mins)
> My own account at a webhotel doesn't support this much space (and
> increasing the amount costs a fortune) -- So, now my question is;
> does anyone here have the possibility to store the interview

Why don't you just setup a server on your ADSL account, Thomas? I mean 
lettin' your own PC do the job...


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