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Last week end in Rome was quite interesting for comics-oriented
people like us ("quite" interesting, not "very"!)

There were two exhibitions devoted to comics, and I also had the
pleasure to meet some of our subscribers and other Disney fans:
Harry Fluks (who came from his usual cold Holland to the unusual
cold Rome), Marco Barlotti, Dario Ambrosini, Nicola Raimondi, all
Inducksers and Silverware and Morpheus, members of the Italian PKNA
mailing list.

On Wednesday I met Harry outside his hotel, and we had a dinner
during which we talked a lot about comics, Inducks and Dizni. But
the interesting thing, I think, is our visit to the exhibitions.

On Thursday we first visited Expocartoon (it was easier to reach by
underground) where we had to wait a while for a couple of Italian
ministers to proceed with the official inauguration. There were few
comic-related stands, also from well-known sellers with interesting
things to see (and buy). But the greater part of the exhibition was
related to other things than comics: car stereo, military aviation,
toys, car models, pay-per-view channels, shooting at target game,

After a quick look, we left for Romics, where, for the first time
since the first Expocartoon, there was no one waiting to buy

The exhibition space was very little if compared to the space of the
previous editions of Expocartoon, but there were also interesting
things, such as the meeting about comics & web that took place on

Too bad I lost my wish-list, for the THIRD time in the last three
exhibitions!!! I'll have to get used to take a spare copy of it with
me! So I couldn't buy any Topolino.

On the afternoon and evening me and Harry spent some time browsing
through my collection, and choose few of my doubles... too bad he
isn't interested in "Almanacco Topolino": I have some copies in very
bad conditions reprinting very bad stories, but they take a lot of
space! ;-)

While Friday I had to go back to work, Saturday I met Harry again
and we spend some interesting hours in looking the Dizni source
code, talking about codes for multi-part stories, and other maniacal
aspects of our Inducksers activities.

On sunday I met the Italian part of the prevoius names list,
starting from a meeting with some of the webmasters from the Italian
web fanzines about comics (not only Disney) where the Inducks was
invited thanks to the precious help of Andrea Materia, one of the
organizators in Romics. 

Then, after spending few hours looking for some Topolino issues, I,
Marc and Dario headed once again to Expocartoon, where I find an
"Albo d'oro" reprinting a (more or less) butchered version of ZM
43-11-21, the only MM continuity I was missing!

Well, I surely must be missing something, but that's the main part
of this long and interesting week end (interesting mainly because of
meeting so many friends!!!)


  - Paolo

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