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For David and other members interested in the question of different experience 
for Donald's Nephews; here is the reference to the story written by Gorm  
Transgaard and final drawn by Marcal Bresco:

"Female Distraction" ("Louie in Love") - D91384  11 pages
Louie falls in love with a girl in school.  The other 2 are jealous of her 
taking his attention away from their "3 Muskateers" trio. They try to bring him 
back to his senses.


Danmark: Anders And Extra Nr. 5 from 1997

Sweden: Musse Pigg Nr. 5 from 1997
Norway: No book listed (Shouldn't it have also been printed in Extra 1997-5?)

Germany: Minnie Nr. 19 from 1997

Italy: MG 514
For those interested in seeing my original drawing of the first 1/2 page 
of "Silent Night", A.C. Sivebaek will put it on a website as soon as he has 
time. It is cuurently available to be seen (as is the version drawn by Michel 
Nadorp) on one of Daniel van Eijmeren's websites. I'm sorry Daniel, I've lost 
the URL.  Could you please provide it for the group? I'm not sure, but 
perchance a link to those sites is also provided on Harry Fluks' Bolderbast 

By the way Harry; a serious DONALD Fan (such as yourself) should be PROUD of 
his heritage of being "ducth"!!!  (8-)

Rob Klein

A.C. Sivebaek will 


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