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> For David and other members interested in the question of different
> for Donald's Nephews; here is the reference to the story written by Gorm
> Transgaard and final drawn by Marcal Bresco:
> "Female Distraction" ("Louie in Love") - D91384  11 pages
> Louie falls in love with a girl in school.  The other 2 are jealous of her
> taking his attention away from their "3 Muskateers" trio. They try to
bring him
> back to his senses.

I remember an Italian story with the exact same synopsis:

Qui, Quo, Qua e il tempo delle mele

Story code: I TL 1688-A
Hero: Huey Dewey and Louie
Pages: 31
Layout: 3-tier
All appearances: Donald Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie
Art: Massimo De Vita
Ink: Massimo De Vita
Story: Massimo Marconi
Plot: Massimo Marconi
Date of first publication: April 3, 1988
Parody of: Il tempo delle mele (C. Pinoteau)
comparsata (anonima) di Herbert, amichetto un po' scemo di QQQ nelle prime
storie di

English: Huey got a girlfriend

 Brazil (O tempo da paixão)
    O Pato Donald 2085 (1996)

 Germany (Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt)
    Lustiges Taschenbuch 134 (1989)

 Denmark (Der er noget i luften...)
    Jumbobog 95 (1989)

 Finland (Kun lempi leimuaa)
    Aku Ankan Taskukirja 130 (1991)

    Topolino (Libretto) 1688 (1988)
    I Classici di Walt Disney seconda serie 214 (1994)
    Topolino (Libretto) 2264 (1999)
    I classici del fumetto 15 (2000)
    Minni & company 93 (2001)

 Sweden (får kärlekstrubbel)
    Kalle Ankas Pocket 104


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