pertti.ruismaki@datex-ohmeda.com pertti.ruismaki at datex-ohmeda.com
Thu Feb 1 07:51:33 CET 2001

I checked out the bins plans and I instantly noticed
that there was a WC installed. I wondered if you could
tell me has there been any mention or panels of
toilets in barks stories. How about ANY duck comics?

     In one of Rosa's Lo$ episodes Scrooge has an outhouse connected to his
movable mining hut. The outhouse even plays a role in   the story. It seems that
only Don Rosa has shown toilets in duck comics. I wonder if this is part of his
habit of bringing   duck universe closer to real life or has it somenting to do
with his history in bathroom decoration business.

I myself have not noticed the ducks having some of the
bodyly functions of humans.

     They do eat, drink and sweat, though. I don't know how they reproduce, but
it seems to take place in some form or another     involving eggs.


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