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Fri Feb 2 16:55:26 CET 2001

> Fellow Quackeroos:
> This month's Greek "ALMANAKO" (it publishes stories staring 
> "Paperinik" and
> "Indiana Pipps"), mentions in its column "Believe it or Not", 
> that until a
> few years ago, Donald Duck stories were not published in 
> Finland because
> Donald does not wear pants!

It's been on the list several times before.

There is NO truth whatsoever in the statement.
Donald Duck was never banned. have never been. 
Actually, during WW2 they say that Finland was
the only axis power to allow Disney Comics to
be published. I don't know the truth of that
statement. maybe 

I remember it well. A Finnish member of parliament proposed
to the Parliament that Donald Duck should be banned from 
public schools and dentists and doctors offices because
he didn't wear pants. This happened some fifteen years ago.

He wasn't serious, he didn't actually want to ban it but only 
made that proposal to make a point about the sillyness of 
some other proposal and used Donald as an example.

It only shows the power of the icon of Donald Duck in Finland
that he is *so* well-known and so part of the finnish culture
so that he could be used this (humorous) way.

Incidentally, in Sweden some years before - someone 
(a conservative)in full earnest proposed that Donald Duck
should be banned from the public service television since
he is such a bad role-model for kids and too violent. 
Luckily this proposal didn't pass either.

Other Hare-brained proposals include the Swedish PTA 
demanding the ban of "Bamse" a Swedish comic with a Bear
from dentists since "he eats a lot of Honey, which is
bad for your teeth" (it fell because it could be argued 
that "Bamse" was the only comic where the characters 
frequently brushed their teeth.)

  Strangely enough, Donald Duck hasn't been seen in Swedish
dentist-waiting rooms since the mid-eighties. Is there a ban
in effect there?

other fun (off-topic fact)

Swedish (former) prime-minister (conservative) gave U.S. Pres
Bill Clinton (dem) a necktie with "Bamse" as a present. 
Swedish Jugend-organisation of the conservative party 
was appaled since this "Bamse" is (in their terms) 
a "communist".

 The Swedish Donald Duck party have gathered more votes 
than the swedish nazi-, and fascist parties in every election 
since 1968.


   Well.. i read Donald Duck in Sweden, and I think that if someone 
really TRIED to ban Donald Duck in Finland - that politician would
loose the next election by a landslide.

// Steamboat Willie

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