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Candico86@aol.com Candico86 at aol.com
Tue Feb 6 19:04:02 CET 2001

To anyone who might want to know, my name is Craig and my interest for 
Scrooge is purely just an interest, I have no intention of making any website 
using this kind of information.  I am just very interested in his past and I 
saw a timeline of his life and it mentioned the depression so I was a little 
curious about it.  I am moving soon and I have recently found a comic book 
store with a variety of Uncle Scrooge and Uncle Scrooge Adventure comics I 
have one more question that I was hoping someone would know.  This might be 
expeted, but what comic (either Uncle Scrooge Adventure or Uncle Scrooge or 
anything) contains the most history on Scrooge's past.  This can be one 
liners like him saying "I remeber when I... or this reminds me of my days 
when I.... like US #20 has three lines I think of him mentioning things he 
has done in his past.  Or if anyone knows any comics just with whole stories 
with his past, I would like it very much and again for purely interest.  
Thank you very much for anyone who can advise me which comics are good.  
Thank you.

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