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Dan Shane danshane at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 7 14:34:59 CET 2001

> To anyone who might want to know, my name is Craig and my interest for
> Scrooge is purely just an interest, I have no intention of making any
> using this kind of information.

Well, I would just like to finally extend my "official" welcome to you,
Craig.  Now that we have some idea who we are actually writing to, it's a
pleasure to be of any service we can.

> This might be
> expeted, but what comic (either Uncle Scrooge Adventure or Uncle Scrooge
> anything) contains the most history on Scrooge's past.

You'll get lots of replies on this one, and most of them will suggest what
I'm about to.

Go to that comics store and ask for any of the "Life of Scrooge" issues
written and illustrated by Don Rosa, especially the 4 quality-bound
compilation books.  If the store doesn't have them, the manager can order
them for you.  You will not only have the first 12 stories in that series
which give lots of details of Scrooge's ascent from poor Scottish laddie to
the Richest Man in the World, but there are plenty of text articles culled
form Don's own research into Scrooge's "past."

That will give you a healthy start on one of the most enjoyable excursions
in the world of comics.  Then come back here for any bits of "history" that
may seem to have been missed.  We'll be glad to help.

Dan Shane
(danshane at bellsouth.net)

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