DCML digest, Vol 1 #400 - 7 msgs

teemu.merikumpu@suomi24.fi teemu.merikumpu at suomi24.fi
Wed Feb 7 00:41:55 CET 2001

Hello all,
I seem to remember reading a poem on this mailinglist written by Barks some
time ago. As I understood it he spoke of friendship, tolerance, trust and
Nice to see that all those who were so eager to express their sorrow when
he was gone are keeping up with his ideals by nitpicking others writing,
webpages and questioning their motives for asking questions about our beloved
U$ & Co. 
It's nice to see that this mailinglist is a friendly place where the only
requirement is an honest interest in disney comics (no degree in oxford
english etc.)

just a fan who believes in kindness of humankind (=someone deprived of any
common sense, apparently),

Hanki Suomi24.fi-sähköposti - ilmainen ja aina käytössäsi!

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