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>From: "Daniel van Eijmeren" <dve at kabelfoon.nl>

>Can someone tell me more about this book?
I read that book more than 10 years ago at the Italian National Library of
I can remember 3 things:
- a parallel drawn from BB and the mafia;
- a list of all the DD jobs in Barks stories;
- a nice essay about the population invented by Barks

1/3 or more is American and Italian index. 
>What is the size?
15 x 20 cm

>Are the illustrations in colour, greyscale or monographic?
B&W monographic

>Is it a paperback, a softcover or a hardcover?

>Is "Firenze" the Italian name for "Florence"?

In My Humbling "Italian" Opinion, "Florence" is the english name for
Firenze, and Firenze **is** The name of Firenze ^____^ . 

>Is "BNI 751569" an Italian equivalent of the ISBN-number?
Maybe yes in the "'70"
>Is "Introduction to Donald: The social phenomenology in Barks' comics"
>a proper translation of the title?
Yes, it is!

Ciao da Pietro

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