to Craig "Candico"?, your answers again:

Don Rosa donrosa at
Wed Feb 7 15:04:25 CET 2001

From: Candico86 at
>>>To anyone who might want to know, my name is Craig and my interest for
Scrooge is purely just an interest, I have no intention of making any
using this kind of information.  I am just very interested in his past
...but what comic (either Uncle Scrooge Adventure or Uncle Scrooge or
anything) contains the most history on Scrooge's past.

I see that you actually directly asked me for an answer to your questions
in your previous message, so I'll answer you again as in the past.
I think what was puzzling Dan and what's been puzzling me about your odd
questions is that you keep asking the same ones over and over no matter how
many times we answer. Also, it seems evident that you have never read any
$crooge or Disney comics -- this is implied by the fact you seem to have
read your first one last week (long after your first questions) and were
surprised to see that HD&L do not live with Uncle $crooge, something which
is rather clear in virtually every Duck story ever printed (but which is
not shown accurately on the "DuckTales" TV series). I certainly *applaud*
your interest in $crooge's past, but it seems like you first need an
interest in his comic book stories in general, or what's the point?

But the main thing that puzzles *especially* me is that, before you joined
this ML, you were sending these same questions to Dan and to me months ago
through Dan's "$crooge McDuck website" (where my e-mail address is listed
with his). At that time we tried to be as helpful as we could be, clearly
explained that there has never actually been a detailed history of
$crooge's past life, and that I constructed my entire "Life of $crooge"
series merely
from tiny snips of facts spread out through the dialogue in many old tales.
And if you wanted to learn about those facts, all you needed to do was read
the website that you already were visiting where ALL of these references
were clearly listed one by one -- and for some reason that's all you seemed
to want was a list. But we also encouraged you to read the *comics
themselves*. Every single one of the original story titles and original
numbers are all listed carefully and completely on Dan's website, and we
even told you of places you could buy all of these issues, such as the
Hamilton website and eBay (especially the latter where the series is
constantly being offered in sets or individually at very low prices).
I am naturally pleased to see someone with as great an interest in
$crooge's (imaginary!) past as I have, but what more can we do for you? Why
keep asking others the same questions that we've already given you the most
complete possible answers to?

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