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Wed Feb 7 15:26:56 CET 2001

At 2001-02-05 22:17 -0800, you wrote:
>There is  a  painting by  Roy  Lictenstein,  see
>, of  Mickey  and
>Donald fishing.  This image of Mickey is  very strange. Notice the  small
>eyes and the long  pants.  Donald is  1940+ image.   Lichtenstein is
>reported  to have  painted this from a bubble  gum wrapper.  I have
>discovered that this is not true.   I  suspect  comic book.  Any ideas?
>Thought or  commments.

I shall refrain to comment on the quality of the artwork, for which the 
"big name" is to me insufficient compensation.

While I do not recognize the image as being anything familiar, I can at 
least say that it was extremely rare for the comic books to feature Mickey 
and Donald in the same story, so it looks unlikely that this might have 
been the source. Disney merchandise (like this mythical bubble gum wrapper, 
but anything else from mugs to T-shirts would have been equally suitable) 
is more likely, being (as it is) produced by people who know very little 
about the characters beyond their graphical aspect.

I am forwarding this message to a list of people interested in Disney 
comics, whence others might send you further observations.

  Frank (filologo disneyano)

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