New Life of $crooge Chapter is out

François Willot willot.francois at
Wed Feb 7 16:50:54 CET 2001

You can read the following without any fear, there are NO spoiler in this

Contents of Picsou #349:
- Cover by Carl Barks (reinked panel)
- Pin-Up page #33 by Don Rosa, illustrating LoS epidode inside the issue
- La jeunesse de Picsou, 3 pages editorial
- Episode 10 bis, code F PM 01201, new LoS chapter by Don Rosa, 26 pages
- The Hard Loser, OS 29 by Carl Barks
- Seals are So Smart, OS 108, by Carl Barks
- Pin Up page originally meant for Picsou #348 , 2 pages illustration by Don
Rosa (b&w)
- Snow Fun, WDC 40 by Carl Barks
- The Duck in the Iron Pants , DC 41, by Carl Barks
- The Mad Chemist, WDC 44, by Carl Barks
- Movie Mad, WDC 46, by Carl Barks
- 2 of Don Rosa's original scripts for the New Life of Scrooge chapter

Next month, Picsou will publish an hommage issue to the Duck Maestro, Carl

  Francois Willot

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