New Life of $crooge Chapter is out

Dr. Archontis Pantsios apantsio at
Thu Feb 8 13:43:42 CET 2001


re: PICSOU 349
> - Episode 10 bis, code F PM 01201, new LoS chapter by Don Rosa, 26 pages

I was delighted to see the latest Rosa story, especially since that was the
one I had the privilege of being among the first people in the world to see
in its early stages when visiting his home last June. It's fascinating to
see the finished inked product of a story of which I had seen only the rough

We all know of Don's DUCK dedications: PICSOU #349 has 3 such in DUCK
dedications, and I was able to find all of them (one each in the pin-ups and
one in the opening splash panel of chapter 10B of the Lo$--that one gave me
the hardest time). However, to those of you having access to a copy of
PICSOU #349, try to find another *special* "dedication" to Barks, hidden in
*last* page (no more specific hints) of the story. I discovered it purely



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