digest #405

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Sun Feb 11 19:12:33 CET 2001

From: Thomas Barry <thomasbarry2001 at yahoo.co.uk>
>>>I'd love to see something with Donald as a kid. If you
like the idea. Maybe you can suggest something to
Picsou for another special issue.

No, I've been seeing some "Donald as a youth" stories in the Egmont comics
already. So I'll leave that idea to those who seem to have apparently
either been assigned it or staked it out. I can't read the stories, but I
think I'd like 'em -- the art seems to be depicting a timeless small-town
period which, to *my* eyes, looks very early-1930's-ish, which would be
when I'd want to see stories of DD's youth take place. It looks like they
are doing it as I do with my stories where I set them in the 1950's,
showing nothing beyond 1950's technology, but still just letting the
readers decide for themselves when they want the story to take place.
Those of you who can read them -- what reason do they give for DD living
with his Grandma? My attitude to the several old (Strobl, I think) stories
that show this is the simple explanation that DD spends the summers or
other holidays on the grandparents' farm, which is how it was with many
American kids in the early-mid 20th Century.

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