Canini's premiun!

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at
Sun Feb 11 19:21:31 CET 2001

Yesterday, Renato Canini, veteran Disney Comic drawer and writer, received
the premium Angelo Agostini as "Comic book master".

Canini was not on the premiation, and Waldyr Igayara de Souza(another
veteran Disney drawer and writer), received to him.

He was born on Paraí, Rio Grande do Sul, in 1934, if I'm sure.
Canini is the responsible for the "brazilization" of Zé Carioca. He worked
with the character durign 1970 and 1976. His style was very sintetical, with
beautiful and with few lines. He use many textures, non-Disney things! For
example, he never drew Disney cloud...he scratched a ink blotch with a broke
Gillete, and this is the Canini's cloud!

His background characters are very political, and, to justify the loooong
noses, he put a dog noise, and sad that this is Disney!

His Disney characters are small, and simples. They work very well with the 4
tires layout, and we're usign the "formatinho" format, since this days!

Canini made to the parrot, somethign that Floyd Gottfredson did to the
Mouse, and somethign that Barks did for the Duck.
After Canini, Zé Carioca is never more the same. He developed the character,
and his histories are the most realistic representation of the REAL Brazil
in any Disney comic book. He maked a graphic revolution, and revolucioned
more than anyone in Brazil, on this days, the Disney histories. It's
difficult to understand Canini...his characters don't have the nomal "Disney
appeal"...they are very, very cartoonizess. His style is difficult to accept
when we read it for the first is necessary to read it with others
eyes. With a more revolutionionary eyes. He is different. It's very, very
easy to look at a Canini, and to know that he maked it. He has his very own

But, Disney,never accept Canini. And they tryed to put he out, and Igayara,
his editor, tryed to convince him to adapt his draw a little more to the
Disney style. But he never did it, because he "like it as it is"...and
Disney put him out. Disney never was able to understand him, and Disney
brazilian comics lost his most big innovator.

After Disney, he made work for the famous "Recreio" magazine, in Brazil. And
made some ilustrations to many books, and take part on some Humour
expositions in the world.

It is just now, that people like Igayara re discovered Canini. Nobody knows
were he was until some months ago! Now, he lives on Pelotas, Rio Grande do
Sul, married with Maria de Lourdes(Miroca), that is a drawer too.

The premiation is very bad, on my oppinion. It ocurred on one of the few
comic shops we have here in São Paulo. Very small place, and very bad
presentation of the artist's works! It's just xerox on the walls! But, it's
important, in my oppiniom, this premiation. Thre are many veteran Disney
artists on the premiation, and many others comic boks especialist, fans and
professionals. Of the Disney creators, are on the premiation:

Primaggio Mantovi(writer, drawer and ex-editor on Abril),
Waldyr Igayara de Souza(second Carioca drawer on Brazil, responsible for the
inicial evolution of José, writer and inker,
Editorial editor on Abril, durign the "gold age", and creator of Biquinho
and co-creator of  the concept "Os Adolescentes" with Primaggio)
Rodolpho Zalla(drawer of many "Zorro" brazilian histories)
Alváro de Moya(especialist on comics, maked some brazilian covers durign the
50's, organizator of the first comic exposition in the world)
Wilson Magalhães(great brazilian inker)

Unfortunatelly, I don't have pictures to show to you! :(
My friend, that has the camera, doesn't went...
But, if I'm able to find some pictures of this day, I will show you!

Fernando! :)
(that is very happy to know that one of his most preferred Disney artists
received a premiun like this)

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