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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu Feb 15 14:11:36 CET 2001

From: Apostolis Trikourakis <komixgreekpage at yahoo.com>
>>>Is Malcolm McDuck related with the history of
Duckburg? And if yes, how is he related?
I read that Malcolm sailed together with Sir Francis
Drake for the America land.

Rather than me try to hunt down where I or somebody might have said that,
since you know that you read it somewhere, perhaps you can recall where you
read it. Then I can see who said it.
As I recall (at my computer-station, *far* from my "studio") "Malcolm" is
the name I gave to Barks' "Matey" McDuck since I deemed "Matey" to
apparently be a nickname. Barks stated that he was a British sailor during
Drake's time, so it would be just the sort of thing I would do to write
somewhere (?) that he was aboard the Golden Hind when Drake claimed the
lost land of New Albion for England (which I decided was present day
Calisota). But I doubt that there's more I would wish to mine in that
matter, it's what Cornelius Coot did centuries later that would be more
interesting to develop further, and surely I'll muck about there someday.
But right now I'm on the opposite side of the continent doing yet another
story involving Christopher Columbus (my third usage of him, and I think
that'll do) and other historical figures in a quest for the Crown of the
Crusader Kings. This would have been the story where $crooge searches for
the Holy Grail and/or the Ark of the Covenant, but since those items have
too much religious background to them, I had to search out a secular part
of that lost treasure trove of Medieval Europe, and our own
professor-of-history-in-residence, the afore-mentioned in Digest #410,
Prof. Øystein Sørensen of the University of Oslo (whose name I must copy
over from Nils' message because I can't type those 'Ø' thingamajigs on my
keyboard) suggested this Crown.

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