Daniel's version of Barks' ode

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Thu Feb 15 16:33:19 CET 2001


>> Below you'll see a transciption of a xerox sent to me by a Barks
>> fan. There are some small differences with the transcription in
>> digest Vol 1 #402.
>> [...]
>> Written note (by Carl Barks) in the lower left corner, in an angle
>> of minus 90 degrees:

> Is this hand-written? Are you saying that we might consider your
> version to be the "original" version?

I have no idea about versions. As I understood the Barks fan who sent
it to me, Barks himself sent this xerox to a fan. So, the xerox 
I have must at least be a third generation away from the original. 
(Barks -> fan 1 -> fan 2 -> me.)

As sent by Barks, the handwritten note was also xeroxed. So, I have
no idea if this note was pasted in from an earlier version (used as
source for the transcription in #402), for example by someone 
(if anyone) who did the typewriting, or if Barks himself
wrote the note onto the version as he sent it to the fan.

> But if your fax has a note hand-written by Barks, then we should
> take THIS one as the real version!

The xerox I have doesn't come from a fax, as far as I can see.

I think it would be interesting to know if the transcription of
digest #402 was transcribed from a typewritten version, too, or
from a handwritten version by Barks himself.

Some questions:

Was there a certain reason for Barks to write this poem? Was it intended
for a publication or as gift for fans, maybe even with this mailing list
in mind? As far as I remember, it was "first published" on this mailing
list (in/around March 1999?).

Has the poem been published in print? If so, which version/transcription
was used as source?

Best wishes,

--- Daniel

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