Donald's dog(s) [RICH]

Eta Beta eega at
Thu Feb 15 17:38:57 CET 2001


>Recently it was mentioned that Donald had a dog named Fido
>in the dailies.
>(1) Does anyone know Fido's first appearance?
>(2) What Fido's prominent traits were?

I recently read a sunday page, guess from late 50s-early 60s,
where Donald has a bloodhound, used here to track the nephews
plying hookey on their music lessons... the dog's name in the
italian reprint I have is, however, PLASMA... now, that's a
truly weird name for a dog, in italian at least, so I imagine
it could even be the original one...

>(3) And can someone point me to a scan of a comicstrip
>depicting Fido, or, at least a scan of Fido himself?

I might come up with a scan of Plasma, as soon as I track down
the relevant "Topolino" issue...


Eta Beta

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