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RICH (both of you :-)

>Billy the Goat.......................................... Dailies

This goat first appears on 1938-11-19, given to Donald by Gus at
the end of his stay at the farm (note that Gus and Grandma don't
seem to live together back then...)

>NOTE:  I called Donald's goat "Billy" but I could be mistaken.

Most goats of the male persuasion are called "Billy" in english,
I understand...

However, I do have a strip where the goat is actually called by
name, in the 1938-11-28 daily, apparently its last appearance,
where Donald goes something like "Now get into the house and chase
that stinkin' Billy out" to a scythe-taloned Hortense, but I have a
suspicion the name might have been added by the Italian editors in
a ret-conning effort, so to speak, being the reprint rather recent...
could anybody check the original text in that strip, and/or what
other countries have ?

In any case, this seems to me perfectly equivalent to Tabby the cat,
where we found out that Barks himself had used a cat named Tabby in
a 40's ten-pager, but we agreed that it wasn't THE Tabby brought to
us by Al Hubbard and Dick Kinney in the early 60s...

In short, my opinion is still that this is NOT Grandma's Billy.

>Donald's Frog (no given name?)......................... WDC&S #108 (9/49)

B 36

>>The bloodhound, Plasma, whom Eta found is a different character.
>Obviously different from a St. Bernard or a spaniel...
>When and where did Plasma appear

Wish I knew... I have an italian reprint from 1961 of a sunday page,
guess it couldn't be earlier than late 50s...

>and did he 
>belong to Donald, the Junior Woodchucks, or someone else?

Donald, as it appears. Sorry but I can't even tell whether it's
just a one-shot prop or a recurring character.

To end with, the sad matter of Disney comics in english language
and/or availability of the same in the british isles pops up
every now and then, so although I've posted this piece of info
quite a few times already in past years, here goes again...

The only place in which I've been able to find Disney comics in
the UK (and Ireland) is a London shop called GOSH!, conveniently
(for a tourist, at least :-) located in front of the British Museum.

It used to carry all Gladstone/Disney titles, including back issues
and at cover price, too, as well as old Dells and Gold Keys (not
exactly cheap, these ones...)

Haven't been there in a coupla years, though...


Eta Beta

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