goats, dogs and UK

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> RICH (both of you :-)
> >Billy the Goat.......................................... Dailies
> >NOTE:  I called Donald's goat "Billy" but I could be mistaken.
> Most goats of the male persuasion are called "Billy" in english,
> I understand...
> However, I do have a strip where the goat is actually called by
> name, in the 1938-11-28 daily, apparently its last appearance,
> where Donald goes something like "Now get into the house and chase
> that stinkin' Billy out" to a scythe-taloned Hortense,

In Swedish: "Geten luktar pyton! Hjälp mej få ut den ur huset!" (The goat
stinks horrible! Help me to get it out of the house.) That is, no name is
used here. Nor anywhere else.


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