goats, dogs, and UK

Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 18 00:05:19 CET 2001

Hello again!

>>However, I do have a strip where the goat is actually called by
>>name, in the 1938-11-28 daily, apparently its last appearance,
>>where Donald goes something like "Now get into the house and chase
>>that stinkin' Billy out" to a scythe-taloned Hortense, but I have a
>>suspicion the name might have been added by the Italian editors in
>>a ret-conning effort, so to speak, being the reprint rather recent...
>>could anybody check the original text in that strip, and/or what
>>other countries have ?

That's the name in original strip too, as reprinted in Gladstone's
"Donald Duck" 292 (Sept '95):
            "Now go in there and run that fragrant Billy goat
            outa the house!"

Thanks for the information regarding the stores in London,
Thomas & Eta!

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