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<< What else comics he did for Western besides Barney Bear and Disney´s Wolf? 
 somewhere read that he had a comic strip called "Chico" around 1948. Anyone 
 heard about or seen that one?
 Trying to collect bits and pieces of info to a bigger picture. All the help 
 is welcome. >>

Not sure how much you know,, so you may already know that   in comics, Gil 
Turner started moonlighting for Jim Davis and the Sangor Shop from circa 1943 
to circa 1948. Really nice stuff, I felt it was a shame when the shop ended 
and he went to Western and went from 3 tier pages to 4.  I'm away from my 
files, but believe that he worked for Western until the early 1960s, and died 
in the 1970s.

Steven Rowe

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