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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Feb 20 13:57:00 CET 2001

> From: Henri Kunne <HJC.Kunne at net.HCC.nl>
> Subject: Back....and Donald's birthday
>          At 12:02 17-2-01 +0100, Don Rosa wrote:

I hope you read closely enough to know that *I* didn't write any of that, I
simply posted a message to the ML sent to me by a Maurice Gilles. I thought
it was a very amusing and interesting bit of work, but don't assume I agree
with much of it for purposes of the comic book Universe.
But if you're wondering why Gilles shows Donald's birthday as that date,
I'm sure he's getting that from an old Disney animated short which said
that Donald was born on Friday the 13th of March. Later somebody somewhere
decided that Donald's birthday is June 9th which is the day in 1934 that
"The Wise Little Hen" was released. And that's the date I was given by the
publishers to use in my Donald's 60th Birthday story in 1994. I was
agreeable since Barks had never said otherwise about his comic-book
Donald... therefore I didn't mind using a bit of data from that Disney
character/actor who has the same name and general physical appearance.

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