About Gil Turner

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Tue Feb 20 14:59:02 CET 2001

Hi, Timo and all!

About Gil Turner...
> I read about that in Jack Bradbury-interview. It was until reading that I
> realized that Sangor Shop became ACG.. 8-)
> He did funny animal stuff there only?

If for "funny animals" you mean animals-animals, I'll say, no...
He made also stories with "funny men", for instance the long  Little Pancho
Vanilla serial, with a very funny Daddy Toreador. A character created by
him, after the short living Pancho Vanilla movie star (only a short, many
years before). In the early 80s I received a parcel from Jack Bradbury, with
some stories by the marvelous Gil Turner, cut from "Coo Coo", or "Giggle",
or "Ha-Ha" comic books, so I learned something more about the production of
this beloved, quite unknown artist. Assorted animal characters: Bears,
Foxes, Rackety Coons, Roosters... Very, very funny, unknown and well drawn.

You know he come back to animation again, in the 50es; he worked for the
Walter Lantz Studio and for UPA.

> Did you get the information about this
> from that Michael Vances book?

Which book are you talkin' about? It seems to be quite interesting... I read
in a very old "Funnyworld" issue that Mike Barrier (now in this same list -
hello, Mike!) was planning to interview him, among the others, but I don't
know if this thing ever happened. It'd have been Gil's only interview...

> Was the year of birth correct?

Around 1910. You wrote 1914?

Bye (and thanks!),


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