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Tue Feb 27 08:49:44 CET 2001

I'd want to speak about genetic among Disney's "animals".

     Thanks for the very comprehensive explanation.

You mustn't mistake *pedigree* and *race*, which are different things : there
can be arabian, or blacks Duckbills, or Dogfaces...

     This statement, however, conflicts with my old theory of some sort of
racial separation (not necessarily discrimination,      though) in Duckburg. I
used to play with the idea that Mousears and Dogfaces and almost all characters
in Mouse stories    (including Black Pete, Clarabelle and Horace) are "black",
while Duckbills, Birdbeaks, Dognoses and Pignoses are "white".
     I have some circumstantial evidence to support this theory:

     - The "black" and the "white" characters seldom interact, they live in
different neighborhoods.
     - The skin color of "black" characters IS black and the skin color of
"white" characters IS either white or some sort of pale      flesh color.
     - The "black" characters wear white gloves. Wasn't there once a mean sort
of performing art where white artists dressed up as     black made parodies of
black people? Didn't these artist typically wear white gloves?
     - The business and politics in Duckburg are run by "white" characters.

     -Pertti Ruismäki

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