About pedigrees and races in Calisota/Calidornia

Gilles MAURICE goofy313g at infonie.fr
Tue Feb 27 11:36:59 CET 2001

First, the Duckbills are ALLWAYS white-colored, even the african duckbills, as shown in the Lo$, and many Barksian comics.
So don't think that because they're white colored, they're Whites!
Even Clinton Coot is white-colored, but it's not because his two parents are white (don't forget that his mother is probably an Indian Girl...)
For the other pedigrees, you have to see their FACES color, to say their races.
Take for instance Metropolis (see in Rich's pages) : he is really black.
But Goofy isn't, his face is white. Look Aunt Bovina or Madeline Mouse: their skins aren't black, but they are Cow and Mousear!
And Mickey Mouse is from Spanish origine (by his Grandpa Tony Toponi).
There are many dogfaces who are pink colored.
Now, the gloves. The Beagles wore gloves, before DonRosa, are they Black?
Peg is a Catspaw, Roxane is a Dogface: Are they Blacks?
And who told you that Mouseton is IN Duckburg? They're different Cities, all a part of Calisota/Calidornia (Calidornia is how Scarpa calls this). There are Mousetonians in Barks stories because the two cities are near.
Scarpa shows on his Calidornia's map the three cities, from top to bottom Duckburg, Mouseton and Goosetown.
Mouseton is not a neighborhood, like Shacktown is.

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