L&T 0, L&T 6 1/2

Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 12 01:43:17 CET 2001

"The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck",
1/ Part 0-- "Of Ducks, Dimes and Destinies":
                  Magica de Spell goes back in time to when
                  Scrooge earned his first dime.
2/ Part 6 1/2: "The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff":
                  Scrooge & a posse of  quite famous characters
                  go after the Dalton brothers.
I don't want to spoil anyone's fun by telling more than neccessary.
I'll only add that 6 1/2  co-stars Uncle Pothole, in case you like
him-- I do.

>>I don't know if it is worth getting those
Barks / Gottfredson / Taliaferro / Don Rosa / you-name-him stories
are always worth getting. Some definitely *are* weaker, but even those
are worthwhile. Another obvious statement: whether *you* like the story
is purely personal.
Both have a little chase. The first one hinges around a twist;
the second one is very funny.
And-- big point: they are part of  the L&T series.
If  you're expecting something like "The Cowboy Captain of
the Cutty Sark" or "The King of  the Klondike", neither one
can compare; they're somewhat different-- but they're good stories.


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