The Lives and Times of Pluto the pup!

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Tue Mar 13 22:18:10 CET 2001

>>Hi! In story D99305, from the new JDM2542, we learn about Mickey and Pluto's
>>first meeting, and about what I'd call "The life and times of Pluto"!

Sorry for replying only, Gilles. I could not look up the dailies at the time and then--
hum-- I forgot.
Here's what I have on Mickey & Pluto.

1/    January 10, 1932
        Earl Duvall wrote & drew the first MM Sunday page, along with the first
        two-tier "Silly Symphonies". As said in Another Rainbow / Gladstone's
        "Mickey Mouse in Color-- 1930s Disney Comic Strips Classics", both
        characters are "oddly proportioned"-- especially Pluto.
        Mickey helps Pluto (unnamed) escape a dogcatcher


2/    July 7 - 18, 1931
        Floyd Gottfredson introduces Pluto: "a funny dog" follows Mickey
        to Minnie's house; "the darn mutt imitates everything I do" (July 8).
        The dog reappears on July 13: "Hi, Pluto, go get it, ol' boy!" (1st panel);
        he lives with Mickey, now. Following days: a few fetch-the-stick gags.
        No continuity.

3/    Here I may be mistaken, but I don't have time to check.
        I'm pretty sure, though, that Pluto's next appearance (in the dailies, and not
        in a few panels only) is almost two years later:
        Feb 11 - Feb 25, 1933
        "Pluto and the Dogcatcher"

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