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Wed Mar 14 12:04:11 CET 2001

Søren Krarup Olesen wrote an analysis of Cousin Fethry that I pretty much agree on. There was one sentence that bothered me, though:

>About Fethry himself, I've always felt that he was the one to bring
>chaos into the otherwise so stabil universe of the ducks

Unfortunately, the perception of the Duck universe as being "stable" was what killed off Fethry some years back. Dick Kinney (apart from his many, many good qualities) unfortunately had Fethry be the "odd man out" in what was otherwise a very homogenous and (let's face it) bland Duckburg. A set-up that worked well in various TV sitcoms of the time, but here resulted in everybody but Fethry being pretty much interchangable. Donald became an everyman like the 1950s Mickey Mouse, reacting to Fethry's wild ideas rather than getting some of his own.

Egmont rightly felt Donald's passiveness in the Fethry stories went against his very nature - and killed Fethry off! And it was only by insisting that Donald *could* be in character while still being with Fethry, that we recently were able to start up a limited production of Fethry stories.

>Anyone knows, where Fethry actually lives!?

Fethry lives in Duckburg.

>isn't Fethry basically a
>hippie in the original sense? ;-)

Fethry debuted in 1964, so he's actually *pre*-hippie. Although I *did* have Magica refer to him as a "hippie left-over" in one story.

Lars Jensen

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