The swedish/norwegian/danish voting

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Tue Mar 27 13:53:49 CEST 2001

Hi, Nils and everyone else!
I looked up the swedish place and placed my vote on Den finurlige Farbror
Joakim, whatever it's called in English, sorry I don't remember. I was
surprised to see so extremely many votes on the squared egg in the Andes
story. Ok, it's a good one, but is it so outstanding good compared to the
other stories? So I'm going with Nils' theory about the deafult being
chosen by mistake...

> (1) The Norwegian page has a very ugly case of 
>     "green'grocer's apo'strofff'": 
> 	" Vinn praktboken Carl Bark's Beste! " 
>     (even on Carl Barks' centennial). 
>     I suspect also the Danish and Swedish are incorrect; 
>     shouldn't it be a real Danish apostrophe in 
> 	" Carl Barks Bedste! " 
>     and a real Swedish apostrophe in 
> 	" Vinn praktboken om Carl Barks bästa serier! " ? 

Öhm.... Nope, the Swedish language doesn't use apostrophes when making a
name in 'owner'-form (i e in my case: the book of Theresa --> Theresas
book. So when a name already ends with an s, it looks the same. I don't
know about Danish and Norwegian, though... 

> (4) There is a significant selection bias and basic 
>     setup restriction in that the 13 stories with given
>     titles _of course coincides with those in the 
>     de Lux book_. You have to be very conscious (and probably 
>     more than 13 years old) to allow "other stories" a 
>     chance at all. You must in fact also know the precise 
>     _title_ of the story. 

Yep. Silly!

> (7) Shock! The Swedish site doesn't appear to be _finished_.
>     There might be a `temporary problem', but at least 
>     as I write this only _the first 8 of the 14_ are given
>     titles. If you wish to vote for no. 9, you seemingly
>     have to guess your way. Horror! 

But the result gives a lot of votes for the places with no names... I
wonder what people voted there...

Now, I'll say KVACK! (swedish) for now... (I haven't written to the list
for quite a while... I wonder how many people are out there lurking just
like me! :)


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