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Tue Mar 27 14:32:07 CEST 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Theresa Wiegert wrote:

> Öhm.... Nope, the Swedish language doesn't use apostrophes when making a
> name in 'owner'-form (i e in my case: the book of Theresa --> Theresas
> book. So when a name already ends with an s, it looks the same. I don't
> know about Danish and Norwegian, though... 

Erm... in fact, in Swedish you *may* (but do not have to) add a final
genitive apostrophe to names ending with an "s", if it is
necessary in order to make it clear that it is indeed a genitive. An
example (taken from the latest edition of Svenska skrivregler): Det här
är inte min hund, det är Anders'. (This is not my dog, it is Anders's.)

But enough, already, of linguistic hairsplitting. I cast my vote -- and am
proud to tell the world I did so -- for "In Old California". And, what's
more, was quite intrigued to read, on the official website of "Kalle Anka
& Co" to boot, that "The story, as may be guessed from the title, takes
place in California in 1848. Donald and the kids are really on a holiday
with their car in the modern California of 1951, but /.../" (my

So... according to Egmont, at least this story really takes place in the
early fifties! Interesting, I can't help thinking... Does this perchance
mean that they've (more or less) officially accepted Don's views on the
duck timeline? Hmmm...

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