Burt Naldo,Baldo de Paperi and Mickey's grandma and ancestors...

Gilles MAURICE goofy313g at infonie.fr
Wed Mar 28 10:25:29 CEST 2001

There are a lot of stories with Donald's, Scrooge's, Gyro's... ancestors,
taking place during Middle Ages, prehistory, ancient Greece and Roman
Empire, Ancient Egypt, Europe,... With each time the almost the same
relations or different relations between the character's ancestors...
It just shows how the Gyros, Ganders, VonDrakes, Ducks, McDucks, Coots,
Gooses... are linked since the beginning of the world... The Gyros are often
the McDucks's (McDucks' or McDuck's or McDucks's or
M's'c's'D's'u's'c's'k's?) and Ducks's employees as inventors and friends,
the McDucks are often related to the Ducks as uncles or employers, ...
To me, when such facts happen, it's because the characters they look like
are reincarnations of them, as for "Back to Long Ago"
So Scrooge isn't just Donald's Mother's Broter, but he is also around 73
times his cousin... those facts aren't so inconsistents, to me... It will
just be hard to find all Ducks relatives, but I'll do it!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

You know, the character Olivier told about who wanted to dig another Paname
canal, the character "Burt Naldo" Olivier saw in "I Disney Italiani" ,and
"Baldo de Paperi" Blasco told about-- They are the same!!
I've founded this MP 106 in my collection.
Here he is said to be Scrooge's Great grandnephew in law. I wanted to know
if he was so in the other versions ( I haven't understood Blasco's words
("nth nephew") when he spoke about the relations between Scrooge and him,
because I don't understand those technical words,or maybe he has goofed
wanting to say "other" or "nineth"... so could you tell more?...)

In which Barks's stories have Cuthbert  and Whitewater been seen first?
If somebody had scans of them by Barks, they would be welcome! :-)

In I 2023, we can see a photograph with four characters: A woman who is said
to be Mickey's aunt Mickianne, and her three brothers.
The we understand that one of the brothers is Rattinger, a gangster.
Then, Mickey says: "Rattinger is probably one of my Grandma's brothers "
And eventually, Rattinger says that he is Mickey's great uncle...
I don't know if the translator goofed,and so that Mickianne is Mickey's
grandma, or if Mickianne were just his greataunt, his grandma's sister and
that the grandma wasn't on the photograph...
If somebody has got the story, help is welcome...

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