US179 again!!! ordi at
Tue Oct 9 06:23:21 CEST 2001

I bought my first US179 in the summer of 1996 from a "post dealer" with all
the rest of collection of Uncle Scrooge. i payd for it $35 asking myself why
that item "so ordinary" costs so much (but now I remember about US198 i
bought for the same price). Every year by Overstreet price guide check all
my american books. This year I wondered. US179 in NM condition values
Iwas going to check, My copy seem in that kind of condition!
On E-bay august/2001 there was a seller of US179 in VG condition.ù
I bid the auction, i won an d i payd for it $216.60. I took each one and
check, what is important to establish NM condition?
Is there anyone who can tell me other news about it?
Paolo Bontempi 
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