The history behind the most famous brazilian Disney story-Part 1(I hope so...)

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I wait so many time to respond this question from Luca because of two

1-I was with so few time to use Internet, since I worked and studied a lot
on this two last months, this includes a little of laziness, off course! ;)

2-Just last saturday I remember to ask Waldyr Igayara about "O Casamento do
Pato Donald"!

I agree with Luca that it deserves a better re-edition, maybe on "Zio
Paperone", hem Luca? ;)

Ok, what I discovery is that this story, as many others "new-things" on the
"brazilian gold age", was a group creation. As Iga(yara) told me, when a
character, a comic, or something related to Disney was not going fine, they
did brainstorming sections to find solutions and to create new things. As
Iga told me, in example:
-"There's something wrong with Mickey. Let's do the...Spacial Mickey!"

And the same goes to this story, in the begin, they want's to do a REAL
Donald and Daisy marriage that begins, but that on the end, will end, and
everything will change. Yes, a divorce!!!!!!!! And they want this to be
more, really doing a revolution on the Disney Comics, in general. But this
idea was discarted, since they've know that Disney-Brasil, on that
time(1987, I guess), represented by Redibra, was not so interested with this
many experiments that was hapening a lot on the 80's. In 1985, Abril had
some problems with the "Disney-Teen" project, but this one was going even

So the story became a "What if...", and it's all a dream. It's not true that
the "dreans clouds" was putting on the second edition, 'cause of fact, it's on the SECOND edition that this happen, but I
assume it's just an error. Well, I'm here with just the first edition, so I
can't check...but I think I'm remenbering it right.

It's good to remember that it's part of a SERIES of "dream-stories", with
others Disney characters, so we had Fethry as Duckburg's mayor(in my
oppinion, the best one of the series! Even better than Donald and Daisy's
marriage!), Zé Carioca working(WORKING!!!)as an executive, Goofy as a
cinema-star and Madam Min finally ending with her love, the Phanton Bloot.
This last one wasn't so good as the others one's, I think.

It's interisting to note that it was drew by many different artist, but we
can't say WHO is the person behind the scripts...that's what I'll try to
discovery, since Igayara's has no idea of who can did it!
We know that the main writters on Abril in 1987 are:
Gerson Borlotti Teixeira, Arhtur Faria Jr(that's with us on this list and
are NOT responsible for this one!), Renato Canini and Luiz Aguiar.

So, it end's the "I hope so" first part of the "history behind the most
famous brazilian Disney story"!
B 870024
"O Casamento do Pato Donald"



P.S: the first edition has a beautiful cover made by Moacyr Rodrigues, you
can see it on here:

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