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Olaf Solstrand harryklein at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 10 23:46:10 CEST 2001

    4. Translating help needed! (Arttu Salminen)

Message: 4
From: "Arttu Salminen" <arttu4 at hotmail.com>
To: dcml at stp.ling.uu.se
>Subject: Translating help needed!
>Date:   Tue, 09 Oct 2001 16:42:39 +0300
>I would need somebody to translate the Marco Rota article, that is
>in every Scandinavian Disney-weeklie's site, to English or Finnish.
>Is here anyone who could help me?
>Arttu Salminen
>arttu4 at hotmail.com

My Finnish is terrible. But I can translate it into English (if you mean the 
article at www.donald.no?) and send it to you in a few days... Just for 


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