Reactions about the publication of the "Space Circus" on Komix

Apostolis Trikourakis komixgreekpage at
Wed Oct 10 23:50:22 CEST 2001

Hi all

A greek guy have sent me this URL:

It is the official page of Mark Evanier, writer of the
"Space Circus" and a good friend of Sergio Aragones,
the artist of the story. As you can read, Mark has no
idea about the publication of "Space Circus" on Komix,
which started on issue #158, July 2001 (it will be
finished in #161, November 2001). I'm sure that Komix
editors made a goof here and print a non-disney story,
only for filling the issues! There's no reason for
doing something like that: there are a lot of Barks or
Rosa's stories which are still unpublished here, so
why they choose a non-disney one? Apart from that, the
issues prices are more expensive than the previous
ones because of that story.
I hope that Komix is not going to repeat the same
mistake again in the future :-(

Best Wishes

Apostolis Trikourakis, Athens, Greece
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