Brutopian dialects

Nils Lid Hjort nils at
Sun Oct 21 17:38:25 CEST 2001

Stefan Persson discusses ,
and Don Rosa supplemented: 
<<The first
word means "HALT!" Then the next two words mean "PREPARE TO BE BOARDED OR
WE OPEN FIRE!" I questioned how so much could be contained in two words,
but I was assured that the meaning of that Russian command was quite
definite. I was told that this is *very authentic* Russian for a 1950's
destroyer commander -- so authentic that someone who studies Russian
probably would not be familiar with this dialect or slang. >>

I can confirm that this is quite authentic Russian of the 1950ies. 
I have tried it out on Russian friends and acquaintances 
(and on my Russian conversation trainer). -- Transliteration into
Latin/English/Western letters is always a risky task, since 
the words will be read differently by an American and a Swede,
but an approximate transliteration would be: 

<<Lots of trouble to go to for a detail that probably not a *single* 
reader will understand or ever imagine is authentic, eh?>>
Don't underestimate us, Don! 

It is perhaps not entirely clear what we should deduce from the 
fact that the Brutopians speak Russian with such fluency. 
It is also clear from the full "The Crown of the Crusader Kings"
story that these Brutopian operate in a specified area off
the Siberian coast. But we might be witnessing an out-of-country
intelligence-action semi-covert operation here, just as there 
are British soldiers inside Afghanistan at the moment. In other 
words, the conclusion that the Brutopians are actually flullblooded 
Russians should not be jumped to. 

Slava trudu, 
Nils Lid Hjort.  

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