DCML#702, Don Rosa

99E 99e at 99e.dk
Sun Oct 21 20:45:33 CEST 2001

In #702 Mr. Don Rosa Wrote:
"but Barks may simply have been ahead of his time, expecting the
current era in America when people will object to just about anything just
to hear themselves make noise."

Well... That happens lots of places - at least I think it happenden in
Denmark a few years ago! In the Barks story about The Treasure of Marco Polo
(isn't that what it's called???) which was printet - er, in 1997 or
something? - in Denmark for the first time, the poor soldier, whos wriat
watch doesn't work, says something like "You can't trust those watches from
Workes' Paradise!" - in the Danish magazine he mocks about those cheap
watches from the McDuck Factories...!!! I don't think $'s factories are
"Workers' Paradise" at all! ;o)


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