Disney duck family in USA

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Mon Oct 22 13:20:55 CEST 2001

	Hi Luca!

	Thanks for the analysis. One quick question, though:

>Strange. Indeed, I forgot that Gus Goose has a *sister* in a very old,
>non-Barks stry. Her name is Greta, Granda goes to visit her in the north
>woods (a place not far from Hidden River or from Crearwater's place, I

	Who's Crearwater? An Italian character I don't know about? Or is
this the Italian name for Whitewater? (Gulp. I don't enjoy sounding dead
ignorant... :-)

>>  There is no mention of Don Rosa, William Van Horn or Marco Rota in
>> this book, despite the attempt to incorporate their creations. Floyd
>> Gottfredson is (sniff!) not mentioned either.
>"WHY?" is the question.

	Maybe because the Disney editor in charge of the book knew more
about Barks than about the others? Or maybe she felt Barks was the only one
whom American readers would show an interest in.
	No mention of Scarpa, or of Brigitta. (Not that I'd ever ask that
she be on the Tree... is she really a relative of any other well-known
	Otherwise, this book is mostly a very nice, ground-level
introduction to some behind-the-scenes Disney details. I've read it quite
extensively and only see one minor mistake so far (Clarabelle Cow is said to
first appear in 1926's ALICE ON THE FARM, which really uses a very different


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