R: Disney duck family in USA

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Mon Oct 22 16:34:35 CEST 2001

Oh, David!
It was a recurring mistake fro me...

Since his Italian name is Chiarafonte. Bu it *is*  Whitewater. Whew!

>  No mention of Scarpa, or of Brigitta. (Not that I'd ever ask that
> she be on the Tree... is she really a relative of any other well-known
> Duck?)

No, really. But she is a character known also by American readers. No
surprise that the cousin Sgrizzo Papero is not there.

>  Otherwise, this book is mostly a very nice, ground-level
> introduction to some behind-the-scenes Disney details. I've read it quite
> extensively and only see one minor mistake so far (Clarabelle Cow is said to
> first appear in 1926's ALICE ON THE FARM, which really uses a very different
> cow).




Luca (who looks forward your Egmont Xmas book withe ZENZERO in it;
incidentally, I told Romano Scarpa about this reprint, and that the color of
the ring is light brown, at least. And he seemed very happy of it).

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