R: Walt Disney and Cavazzano on stories

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Tue Oct 30 13:57:36 CET 2001


>>I also know one italian story where Walt Disney appears, but don't remember
>>it's name right now. I think there is dozens of occurrences like these.
> Maybe "Topolino e il ferro d'oro" (I TL 1474-A), by Romano Scarpa?

Yes! A very "clean and direct" reference (not important for the sttory's
plot, indeed).

> You forgot to say the very Cavazzano used to 'sign' his stories with his
> initials (GC) in hidden details on some panels (just the way Hitchcock did,
> or even Don Rosa's D.U.C.K. spoilers).

It's possible to write a complete list of our discovers, with all the
cartoonists' caricatures? What do you say about the Rota-Gerstein's story
with the paint contest with Little Crack and Andold? Around ten creators (or
editors) hidden in some panels.The same Dave, too.
I wrote the complete list in an introduction of ZP.
And in other Rota's stories there are Elisa Pennas, Franco Fossati's,
Lostaffa's and other friends in some portraits. The Donaldus Anas (latin
story, for example. Gaudenzio capelli, too.
And Ezio Sisto appairs in TWO stories of last years. One of 'em is surely
the Silvia Ziche's "Toponovela", some two years ago.
And my very name, is written on a sign in Maranello (Ferrari's town) in an
old Doinald's story drawn by Cavazzano.
Already is hidden also in a panel of a Don's story. And in another there is
Leo's one. In anothee (A Matter of Gravity) the name of Fabio Gadducci.
Do you want I check their codes (when I have time)?


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