Walt Disney and Cavazzano on stories

Santiago García Banhos sgarcia at external.uf-isf.es
Tue Oct 30 13:53:37 CET 2001


> It's possible to write a complete list of our discovers, with all the
> cartoonists' caricatures?

Oh, certainly not. (In fact, I must admit many of them are not truly mine
but what I've been told by others). I just wanted to point out certain
'classic' details I know which I consideer they must be mentioned here.
Every one gives his little grain of sand ;-)

> I wrote the complete list in an introduction of ZP.
Interesting details. Which issue of ZP? I'm afraid I'm subscribed to ZIP
from very short ago, and I don't remember such an article. If not asking too
much, may I ask you to upload a copy (or scan) of this introduction? I would
appreciate it much.


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