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Kriton Kyrimis <kyrimis at cti.gr> wrote:

>I some times feel that good quality is defined as glossy paper that
>reflects light straight into your eyes (Komix and other Greek titles,
>Gladstone's WDCS and U$), square binding that makes comic books hard
>to lie open on the table (Klasika, Mickey Parade, Gladstone's WDCS and
>U$), and any other factor that makes comic books expensive and hard to
>read. I haven't seen any of those "trade paperback" comic books that 
>mentioned recently, but I suspect they are also of similar "good 

An interesting observation.  These are indeed objective, measurable 
standards of "quality" that took the comics producers some real effort 
and care to create, and yet may actually *detract* from one's ability 
to enjoy the product.

Alas, it does appear that the days of comic books on relatively 
inexpensive, newsprint paper have passed.

My two cents,
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